Gothic Murder: Adventure That Changes Destiny

In order to protect someone important to her,
a young girl steps forward to solve an elaborate mystery.

Can she, a maid in an earl's household, change the fate of the lord she serves?
An original mystery game, developed by Orange--creator of many mystery ADVs, such as the "Jake Hunter Detective Story" series.


Our story begins in early 20th-century England,
at the manor of an eminent earl.
Our heroine, a maid at this manor, often has dreams that foretell the death of the people around her.
Her latest dream, has warned her that the life of the lord she serves is in danger.
As the manor buzzes with talks over the inheritance and will of the previous earl, a terrifying and sinister plot unfurls...
In order to save her lord's life, our heroine, with the information her dream has given her, races to find out the truth--


Examine the manor and formulate your reasoning based on the information you collect. Simple, intuitive controls will help you solve the mystery.
If your reasoning fails, the lord's deadly fate is sealed. If you can help him survive, a secret love awaits...?
It's a game that anyone can easily enjoy and experience all kinds of excitement.

Title Gothic Murder: Adventure That Changes Destiny
Model iOS/Android/STEAM/Nintendo Switch/PS4
Game Type Romantic Adventure

* There is a total of five (5) chapters. For the smartphone version, the first chapter can be downloaded for free.
* Please check each store site for supported OS versions and devices.